"WorleyParsons Energy Services" LLC has extensive competencies and actively uses the best practices, techniques, technologies and intellectual resources of WorleyParsons Corporation in the implementation of its projects in Russia and abroad. The engineering and consulting services provided by WorleyParsons Energy Services Ltd. include:
1)  Services for the development of feasibility studies for the construction of new (greenfield) or expansion of existing (brownfield) thermal power plants, renewable energy facilities, nuclear power plants, coal, gas and oil processing complexes for high-value chemical products and other industrial objects, including: conceptual feasibility study, bank feasibility study in accordance with the requirements of financial institutions, justification of investments and other pre-project and project documentation;
2)  Services for the development and implementation of documents (documented procedures) for the Integrated Management System (IMS), Quality Management System (QMS), occupational safety and health management system (EMS), Environmental Management System (EMS);
3)  Services for development, implementation of the project management system and monitoring of the implemented project management system;
4)  Realization services of the concept and methodology for the development of the "Block dossier", participation on the part of the Customer in the process of monitoring the maintenance, recording and storage of the "Block dossier" documentation;
5)   Engineer (Architect) services for the Customer when implementing investment projects in nuclear and thermal power engineering, in the construction of coal, gas and petrochemical facilities and other branches of the extractive and processing industry;
6)  Services for the preparation of initial permissive documentation and supporting materials for obtaining licenses, permits and approvals required to commence construction and other construction projects for industrial enterprises and energy facilities;
7)  Engineering services for industrial and technological processes of a future industrial enterprise or power engineering facility that will enable the Customer to select the most technologically expedient and economically viable solution;
8)  Services for customers of investment projects encompassing the preparation of procurement (tender) documentation and the conduct of procurement (tender) procedures, including the organization of interaction with potential contractors, the selection of the most beneficial offer to the Customer and assistance to the Customer during pre-contract negotiations;
9)  Services for potential contractors to verify the compliance of the prepared tender documents (BID) with the requirements of the customers of investment projects (in accordance with the tender documentation) (BIS) and develop recommendations for the preparation of the optimal technical and commercial proposal;
10)  Services for the formation and maintenance of the regulatory and technical base of the project, used as a basis for work on the design of a future industrial enterprise or energy facility;
11)  Price and technological audit services with expert control of the implementation of investment projects in the field of new construction and technical re-equipment, modernization and reconstruction of industrial enterprises, buildings and structures, including design, supply of equipment and materials, installation of systems and installations, commissioning , commissioning, as well as decommissioning;
12)  Work on the maintenance of construction control, including:
• Quality control of construction, installation and commissioning;
• Control of compliance with construction, installation and commissioning works;
• Monitoring compliance with the necessary requirements of building codes and regulations;
• Quality control and compliance of used building materials and equipment;
• Control over the maintenance of primary executive documentation;
• Participation in working commissions on maintenance and acceptance of hidden critical structures;
• Coordination of the work of contractors;
• Regular checking of spending;
• Provision of periodic technical reports on the results of construction control (weekly / monthly)